The Impact of COVID on Drug and Alcohol Misuse

When it comes to those involved in drug and alcohol testing, COVID-19 has the potential to be a huge cause for concern. Social distancing and isolation - and their effect on mental health - could, says an article from The Lancet, result in increased drug and alcohol use. Should this be the case, individuals misusing these substances could indulge in behaviour that puts them at more risk of catching the virus - and may also weaken their immune systems, putting them at greater risk of COVID-19 complications. 

In this report, we investigate general trends in drug and alcohol usage and associated behaviours, reveal what our own testing data is showing, and take a look at what COVID-19 is likely to mean for drug and alcohol usage and testing in the future.

Our aim is to help you to understand what impact COVID-19 is having on drug and alcohol use, testing and treatment, and to understand the implication this has for family lawyers and workplaces alike.

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